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Working closely with the founders and other key team members, we began the process of translating Away’s vision into a design system that could serve as foundation for their fast-growing business.


Role: Design Director, leading the design team

Worked on: Brand identity, art direction, print and environmental, marketing and advertising

Team: Jen Rubio (Creative director and Co-Founder), Trace Barnhill (Lead Copywriter), Travis Weihermuller (Lead UX/UI), Nicholas Kriegler (designer),  Fabian Öhrn, Henry Hargreaves, Nathan Kraxberger, Ben Wagner (photographers)

Falll 2016

A design system for a thoughtful travel brand

The Challenge

Away's vision is to modernize and make travel seamless. Founded by two Warby Parker execs, they understood there was a big opportunity for a brand to come in and take the stress out of travel and inspire people to get away and explore. The challenge lied on building trust and connection in a highly crowded space.

The Solution

Closely collaborating with the founders, we translated this vision into a design system that reflects Away's constant focus on movement and the celebration of in-between moments. From luggage to a thank you note, everything the brand creates needs to be designed to inspire people to go out and explore the world. 

The Impact

  • From $12M in sales in 2016 to $55M in 2017

  • Brand identity and system helped build equity and drive valuation up ($1B as of 2019)

  • Channel and geographical expansion (NYC brick and mortar and pop ups in London and Berlin)

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