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Brinks Home

Reinvigorating a brand that is synonym with safety and protection, through an elevated and sophisticated visual identity and digital experience.


Agency: Huge

Role: Creative Director, leading the brand and product design teams

Worked on: Brand identity and website

Team: Elizabeth Gardiner (brand strategy director), Chris Allen (creative director), Sara Osorio (senior designer), Pedro Venetucci and Thiago Vaz (visual designers), Derek Wilhelm and Matt Giragosian (project managers)

Spring 2021

From professional grade to platinum grade protection

The Challenge

The home security and smart home industry is a sea of sameness. Physical products and services offered are functionally identical, making it hard for consumers to choose one brand over the other. Brinks Home came to Huge to help define a unique brand positioning and visual identity to stand out from competitors and create meaningful connections with consumers.

The Solution

A new positioning, visual identity​ and digital experience around luxury that reflects Brinks Home's obsession with high quality service and protection, building the trust and confidence to live life without worry.

The Impact

  • Tested the new identity with consumers and got overwhelming good feedback

  • New design system will play a key role in helping Brinks Home reinforce the new positioning around luxury

Previous identity

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