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Creating a new brand that provides an end-to-end digital experience for SMBs.


Agency: Huge

Role: Creative Director, project lead (brand design)

Worked on: Brand identity in close collaboration with product team

Team: Diego Nicolau (Group Design Director), Elizabeth Gardiner (Brand associate director), Katie Samour (Lead Visual Designer), Daniela Alvarez (Illustrator)

Fall 2019

On a mission to fight for SMBs

The Challenge

The process of getting a business ready to accept their first transaction is overloaded with choices and challenges. From discovering, comparing and choosing the right hardware and software that fits the growing business’ needs to getting ready to accept their first payment is a long and complicated process. 

The Solution

We partnered with the team at Worldpay to create a new brand that disrupts a traditionally skeevy category and delivers a simplified experience to help small businesses get up and running faster and more seamlessly. Working in tandem with the strategy and product leads at Huge, we led a team that developed the name, visual identity and end-to-end product experience prototype for this new company, Etch. 

The Impact

We’ve equipped our client to socialize and get buy in on this new initiative within the larger Worldpay organization.

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