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Hootsuite is the leading social media management dashboard with more than 16 million users in 200+ countries. We partnered with them to develop a fresh, vibrant and compelling new expression for this beloved social media icon.


Consultancy: Prophet

Role: Associate Creative Director

Worked on: Creative direction, visual identity

Team: Andres Nicholls, Senior Partner, Global ECD. Spencer Seligman, Senior Designer. Lauren Kong, Senior Designer. Michael Ponton, Senior Designer. David Saracino, Illustrator. Kevin Purdy, Senior Implementation Director. Zoë Courtman, Senior Lead Verbal Branding. Darcy Muñoz, Partner Verbal Branding. Madison Hartley, Engagement Manager. Carmel Lee, Associate Strategy. Jeff Smith, Partner. Amanda Thurston, Partner. Scott Davies, Chief Growth Officer.


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Fall 2021 - Summer 2022

Reimagining the future of social

The Challenge

Hootsuite is the leading social media management dashboard with more than 16 million users in 200+ countries. Over the past decade, the industry they pioneered has become crowded while the category of social has evolved. Seeking to reestablish their position as a true industry leader, Hootsuite expanded their frame of reference to social marketing, commerce, and care

The Solution

To signal this future-focused vision, Prophet redefined Hootsuite’s entire brand from strategy to verbal and visual—starting with a new purpose: “We believe in the power of social to uplift people and ignite brands and business.” Visually, the challenge was twofold. First, we needed to breathe life into their beloved logo and mascot, Owly, while simultaneously designing a fresh, relevant, and distinctive design system. 

Hootsuite’s new visual identity was designed to uplift, amplify and delight. We reimagined Owly as an active character, as Hootsuite’s new Chief Connection Officer. Owly’s head—optimized for the logo-mark—was expanded to a full body in a range of poses. For the first time, Owly could emote, react, and empathize. We paired Owly’s playful, flat illustration with a funky wordmark and a daring, nature-inspired color palette. We specifically crafted these core elements to feel human, tactile, and warm to buck the glossy, pastel artifice common across the industry. However, this is a modern, visionary brand, so we balanced this friendliness with a sharp, dynamic design system. Emphasizing rhythm, momentum, and transformation, the new system reflects the energy of the social landscape and the positive impact Hootsuite has on organizations, consumers, and society. 

The Impact

Hootsuite’s employees and internal stakeholders embraced their new identity with excitement, enthusiasm, and a passion for their brand that burns brighter then ever, with a striking new brand that positions Hootsuite to disrupt the industry all over again.

Competitive Landscape

Previous Identity

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