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Paddle8 was an online auction house, focusing on fine art, design and luxury collectibles. The company shut down in 2020.

As the first design hire, I played a key role in building and managing the design team, across product and marketing.


Role: Design Director, leading the design team

Worked on: Brand identity, digital products (web & mobile apps), marketing and environmental

Team: Adam Dinwiddie (Head of Product and Design), Susan Cernek (Chief Marketing Officer), Kim Dumo, Georgia McElveen, Shawn Lisle, Stephen Francis (Designers), Reshum Panchal (Product Manager) and Kyle Knodell (Lifestyle Photography)

Winter 2013 - Spring 2016

Redefining the Art of Collecting

The Challenge

Back in 2011 when Alexander Gilkes, Aditya Julka and Osman Khan started Paddle8, they saw how traditional brick-and-mortar auction houses were struggling to keep up with technology and the massive shift towards online shopping.


They identified a gap in the underserved low to mid-tier art market and created a model that combined the prestige and luxury of the auction house with the ease and efficiency of an e-commerce company. Their vision, to become the premier online collecting destination for art, design and luxury collectibles.

The Solution

Knowing that people see their collections as part of their lifestyle and identity, Paddle8 provided them with a curated experience, where they could find the world’s treasures under one roof, while inspiring them through tasteful content. 

I was brought in as their first full-time designer to work closely with the co-founders and the head of product and design to build a great design team that could help make Paddle8’s vision a reality. By 2016, I managed a team of 5 designers, working across product (e-commerce and mobile app) and marketing initiatives.

The Impact

  • During my 3 years at Paddle8, the company went from 20 employees to over 100 and offices in the West Coast and Europe

  • Design system that helped with the expansion into new verticals, such as design and luxury collectibles

  • An elevated consumer experience that translated into bids in the hundreds of thousands

  • Grew the design team to 5 members that spanned across product and marketing

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